The South Central VA Experimental Music & Arts Collective

The 434 Noise Netlabel distributes all works completely free under the FMP (Free Music Philosophy). It is an anarchistic grass-roots, but high-tech, system of spreading music: the idea that creating, copying, and distributing music must be as unrestricted as breathing air, swimming in the sea, or basking in the rays of the sun. Click on the cover art to be taken to it's respective page for download. Files are hosted on Internet Archive.

Pressed copies are no longer available.



Jeff Hill - File 13 (EP)

Cat. # 434N-001


Black India - Anthology 2001-2007 

Cat. # 434N-002


Awwa - Steady Gig

Cat. # 434N-003


Awwa - Let The Be Space

Cat. # 434N-004


The Mental Hygiene League - Duck Tapes (re-issue)

Cat. # 434N-005

The Mental Hygiene League - March Of The Mental

Cat. # 434N-006



Jeff Hill - We Don't Like Our Homes

Cat.# 434N-007



Jeff Hill - The Soulful Sounds Of Suffering

Cat. # 434N-008



The Mental Hygiene League - Art Space/Art Sound (Live)

Cat. # 434N-009



The Mental Hygiene League - House By The Railroad

Cat. # 434N-010



The Mental Hygiene League - Roadhouse Sessions

Cat. # 434N-011



Jeff Hill - My Quarantine

Cat. # 434N-012



The Mental Hygiene League - Beyond All Consciousness

Cat. # 434N-013



The Mental Hygiene League - 777 (double album)

Cat. # 434N-014



The Spanish Apes - The Spanish Apes (EP)

Cat. # 434N-015



Awwa - New Word

Cat. # 434N-016



The Mental Hygiene League - A Singular Existence

Cat. # 434N-017



Awwa - Awwa's Pop Hits

Cat. # 434N-018



The Mental Hygiene League - Against The Grain Of Time

Cat. # 434N-019



Awwa - Baby, The Space Is Back

Cat. # 434N-020

 Awwa - Tijuana Saloon Flies

Cat. # 434N-021

The Mental Hygiene League - It Was A Simpler Time

Cat. # 434N-022

The Mental Hygiene League - Midnight Circus

Cat. # 434N-023

Awwa - Early Dirty Bits

Cat. # 434N-024

The Mental Hygiene League - In Between The Ghosts

Cat. # 434N-025

Awwa - Save State

Cat. # 434N-026

The Mental Hygiene League - Exquisite Noises

Cat. # 434N-027

Puking Concrete Gardens - And Her Eyes, Her Murdered Eyes (re-issue)

Cat. # 434N-028

Happy Scrappy: Hero Pup - Family Communication Session (re-issue)

Cat. # 434N-029

Happy Scrappy: Hero Pup - Let's Get Drunk And Die (re-issue)

Cat # 434N-030

The Zit Hit Machine - S/T (EP)

Cat. # 434N-031

Consumption Of Feces - 15 Ways To Kill Your Dog For Satan/Penis Vomit

Cat. # 434N-032

Llardvargk & Godshit - S/T

Cat. # 434N-033

Mike Anderson - S/T

Cat. # 434N-034

Awwa - The Theory Of Flight

Cat. # 434N-035

Awwa - Damned If You Doo-Doo

Cat. # 434N-036

Jeff Hill - Guilt By Association (EP)

Cat. # 434N-037

Jeff Hill - No One Sees It But Me

Cat.# 434N-038

Komafuzz - Gop Per Dom (re-issue)

Cat.# 434N-039

Awwa - Alien Spacescape

Cat.# 434N-040

Komafuzz - Infraction (re-issue)

Cat.# 434N-041

Enoch 212 - S/T (EP) (re-issue)

Cat.# 434N-042

Fighter Pilot - S/T (re-issue)

Cat.# 434N-043

Jeff Hill - Headless States Of Being (EP)

Cat.# 434N-044

The Mental Hygiene League - Our Low Dosage For The High Times

Cat.# 434N-045

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